Team Services

Designing To Protect Your Products

Innovative Design:

The design process is a partnership that begins with your needs. We start by gathering information from you concerning many variables. Our skilled team has more than 125 years of combined packaging experience. We haven't seen it all, but we've seen plenty.

Combining your input and our expertise we choose the right materials to achieve the greatest amount of protection and value. Prototypes and samples are produced in our production facility and provided upon request and usually at no charge. CAD software documentation provides fast and accurate specifications. Using Team's design resources brings innovative packaging solutions to your company. 

Testing Support:

Prior to expensive and time-consuming lab tests, we work with ISTA and ASTM testing standards to pre-test or "validate" our packaging based on your criteria. Validating our designs assures that your products are protected from shipping damage before you pay for testing thereby saving you time and money.

Inventory Management:

Team Packaging Company offers a variety of programs for managing inventories; Kanban, scheduled and non-scheduled blanket orders, and run and ship are just some of the methods used. Let us create a program for you. Tools include EDI, email broadcasts and, of course, faxes and phones.