Custom Packaging

Team Packaging Company: Designing and Manufacturing Custom Protective Containers and Packaging.

You build great products! Our job is to make sure those great products arrive safely at their destination. We begin with your criteria. Using our creative expertise, we design cost effective, high performing, and easy to use packaging solutions and deliver them on time, every time! 




  • Crates
  • Cushioned Skids
  • Bracing and Dunnage


  • Foam End Caps
  • Foam Assemblies
  • Cushioning Components


  • Boxes
  • Inner Packaging
  • Displays


  • Foam/Corrugated
  • Foam/Wood
  • Wood/Corrugated

*Please note: Custom inner assemblies are available for stock boxes. Crates are available with hinges, link locks, foam lining, removable tops and sides, 4-way entry, custom marking, and stenciling and as show crates.

About the Materials

Whether you need a simple wood base or a complicated crate system with built-in cushioning, our designers have the creativity and experience to design a cost effective package to travel the world and safely protect your product. All of our wood products are stamped and certified to comply with HT standards (heat-treated). 

Polyethylene and urethane foams are converted and fabricated into end caps, assemblies, and components for cushioning in packaging systems. Our design team uses these materials to protect sensitive electronics and instruments, susceptible to damage from impact and vibration.

We design and manufacture corrugated boxes, inserts, and displays which offer cost effective and recyclable protective packaging.

Fluted plastics and HDPE are used for durable and reusable applications.

All of our wood packaging (crates, skids, dunnage, assemblies, etc) are certified to meet the heat-treated requirements as spelled out in ISPM 15. The above cert is stamped on all of our wood products.

Creative Designs + Wood Durability + Foam Cushioning + Corrugated Economy = Packaging Solutions From The Team

At Team Packaging Company, we utilize these materials individually or in combination, creating packaging solutions to meet your needs.